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2014 NFL MOCK DRAFT - Round 1

  • 1

    Atlanta Falcons.png

    Trade! Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

    In an interview with Thomas Dmitroff, he didnt avoid the idea that he could trade up to get Clowney. There are reports that have already stated this, but the Texans are in prime position to trade back and pick up a few extra picks. Remember, in 2011, the Falcons gave up 5 picks to move from 27 to 6 after they tried to grab A.J. Green at 4, all to pick Julio Jones. And how did that work out? I dont put it past the Falcons to move up 6 spots in the draft to get a defensive end with the potential that Clowney has. 
    Clowney fits the Falcons defense to a perfect mold and Mike Smith will love having a talent like Clowney. The Falcons brass flew down to look at Bruce Ellington, but meanwhile spent most of the day to talk with Clowney. 
    The Falcons are going to meet with Clowney for a 5 minute test, and what that test is, no one knows, it could be a uniform fitting, selecting his number, who knows, but dont be surprised if the Falcons give up #6, next years 1st and a 4th rounder this year to move up and grab Clowney. 
  • 2

    St. Louis Rams.png

    Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

    The Rams might be able to find a trade partner with a few prospects on the board here, but ultimately, the Rams will want Sammy Watkins. Watkins has been the best WR in this drafts since day 1 and proved it at the combine and pro day workouts. The Rams are in need of a true #1 WR so they can move Austin to the slot which is his natural position. Watkins has the blend of speed and explosiveness that will be hard for the Rams to pass up so they can compete in the NFC West. 
  • 3

    Jacksonville Jaguars.png

    Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

    The Jags will find themselves in a predicament with arguably the best defensive prospect on the board. Mack blew up Ohio State and their offensive line in the first game of the season. 2.5 sacks later and no answer for the LB, Ohio State was aware of his presence as was the college football nation and NFL scouts. Macks didnt stop there as he was able to rack up 100 tackles, 10.5 sacks and 3 INT's. He is extremely versatile and has a good football IQ. Tough to keep a block on and will get out in space and make plays. A very ideal fit for Gus Bradley and his defense in Jax. 
  • 4

    Cleveland Browns.png

    Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

    The Browns have met with all of the top QB's in the draft and the idea is that they have begun to settle in on one. But who will it be. Multiple accounts are showing that Manziel seems to be the favorite in Cleveland as he offers the best option at the QB position because he can be mobile and still be accurate while on the run. Manziel is a former Heisman trophy winner while the other QB's in this draft have not been acclaimed to such a degree. Johnny Football has it all and part of that is star power that the Browns may want as part of their vision of the future. All in all, Manziel might give them the best chance to win now and that is why Cleveland will take him. 
  • 5

    Oakland Raiders.png

    Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

    While the Raiders had to spend a lot of money this off season to hit the salary cap floor, they did bring in veteran tackles to start now. But they will need to look at bringing in a guy to work with Menelik Watson whom they drafted in the 2nd round last year. Robinson helped Auburn and its running game reach the National Title game with Auburn last season. Robinson is a force to be reckoned with. He is strong at the point of attack, has a quick kick step and sets and anchors well in his stance for pass rushers. Robinson and Watson will be great bookends for the Raiders for years. 
  • 6

    Houston Texans.png

    Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida

    The Texans would trade back just far enough to grab the franchise QB off the board. Case Keenum showed some promise but broke that promise. Maybe not his fault, but the Texans offense was bad last season. Kubiak being fired during the season didnt show a lot of faith in where the Texans were heading. Bill O'Brian is an offensive minded guy who will want a franchise QB to mold and rest his reputation on. Enter Blake Bortles (and a couple of extra draft picks). One game for Bortles put him on the map. Louisville. If Bortles and the Golden Knights dont win that game, Bortles is not being recognized in this position of the draft, and Bridgewater is. With over 3000 yards in consecutive years and 25 TD's to single digit interception totals, Bortles has a ton of upside and would be the starter from Day 1. 
  • 7

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers.png

    Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

    The Bucs have not been silent about adding a prolific WR and that could mean trading up to get one or taking one a bit early. Either way, adding Mike Evans to your WR corps certainly brings a different dimension to your offense. Evans is 6'5 and can fly but has the ability to go and grab the ball out of the air. Evans was a primary target for Manziel and totaled 69 receptions foralmost 1400 yards with 12 touchdowns. That kind of production is something that cannot be overlooked and the physical attributes of Evans alone paired with Vincent Jackson make that a very dynamic duo. 
  • 8

    Minnesota Vikings.png

    Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

    While the Vikings do have Matt Cassel inked to for this coming season, and thats not a terrible thing, the Vikings will look to add a QB for Norv Turner and his offense. If Bortles is gone, David Carr will be a viable option as he has a big arm and can get the ball vertical if need be. Carr may be the younger brother of David but they have different play styles and any reference would not do Derek any good. Derek can get the ball out quickly, makes good reads, and is accurate when on the move. Traditionally a pocket QB, getting him outside of the pocket is not uncomfortable for him. 
  • 9

    Buffalo Bills.png

    Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

    While the Bills have Cordy Glenn and Crhis Hairston it might be likely that the Bills will take the premier RT in this draft. They had planned on starting Hairston last season but he got injured. Matthews is a pure OT that can get out in space and also pass block. He has the legacy from a HoF OT in Bruce Matthews being his uncle. Matthews may not be a huge need but will certainly be an upgrade over what they have now in protecting E.J. Manuel. 
  • 10

    Detroit Lions.png

    Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

    The Lions have stated that they are looking for a pass rushing LB and if Anthony Barr is still on the board when they pick, that it would be hard to not take him. The Lions have really stepped up their defensive front 7 with Suh, Fairly and Ansah, and their CB's are two that are young and that they really like, so don't look for the Lions to add a CB early in this draft. They will likely add more to bolster their pass rush. Barr will have to strengthen up to shed blocks in the run game, but lining him up in various positions across the defensive front will increase the pass rush for the Lions and allow others to get penetration from different areas as well. 
  • 11

    Tennessee Titans.png

    Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

    At this point the Titans could use a DE to start over Al Woods, but there is no one that is worth this pick and the Titans will have to look in another direction like CB. At this point the Titans are starting Blide Wreh-Wilson who is a bit raw and Jason McCourty who has been in the league 6 years and is a seasoned vet, but between those two, it might be likely that the Titans move Wilson to the slot and allow Gilbert move into the #1 CB position. Gilbert had 7 INT's last season and was a shut down corner since 2012. Followed up with a solid combine and look extremely comfortable under pressure. Can line up in man press and play bump and run with his 4.3 speed in which he can turn and run with WR's off the press. 
  • 12

    New York Giants.png

    Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

    With Eli coming off ankle surgery, the Giants need to establish that they might have one more run in them and then realize that Will Beatty is not the typical LT that you want protecting Eli. Lewan is the franchise LT that the Giants will need to keep Justin Pugh on the right side because of size. Lewan has had some off the field issues, but Coughlin should be able to keep him focused and disciplined. 
  • 13

    St. Louis Rams.png

    Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

    For the longest time, the Rams have been mocked a S to pair with T.J. MacDonald who was a bright spot for the Rams before he got injured. Clinton-Dix is by far the best S in the draft and the Rams are able to take him with their original pick. Having MacDonald and Clinton-Dix as your safety tandem will certainly help in their standings in the NFC West competing with offenses like the Niners, Cardinals and Seahawks. 
  • 14

    Chicago Bears.png

    Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

    The Bears are reliant on their defensive line being an effective force in the game and adding a missing piece to the interior might be a crucial need. If Donald is off the board it will be likely that the Bears grab a S. Paea has the NT spot but adding Donald here would be a force to be reckoned with. Donald is the best DT on the board and some might feel that he will not be here at this point but if he is the Bears will race up to the podium and select Donald. 
  • 15

    Pittsburgh Steelers.png

    Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State

    I have heard some different ideas on the CB's that the Steelers would look at in this draft. Honestly, the best fit for the Steelers defense is the guy with swag that can cover and is physical. That has to be Bradley Roby. Roby has been up and down all season, but really played well down the stretch and is physical to play man press coverage as well as play zone. He has good instincts and maybe too aggressive at times but he carries a confidence and swagger that the Steelers would recognize and love to have in their secondary. 
  • 16

    Dallas Cowboys.png

    Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

    The Boys have lost 3/4ths of their defensive line. Hatcher went to the Redksins, Ware is on the Broncos. The Cowboys are hurting for a pass rush and they will need to add a few pieces in the draft to fit Kiffin's defense. After losing DeMarcus Ware to the Broncos as a cap casualty, it became clear that the Cowboys were going to have to draft defensive line help. Ealy is one of the best DE's on the market behind Clowney and would fit well in Kiffins scheme. Ealy had 9 sacks on the season for the Tigers and 1 INT. Ealy has a lot of versatility and has the size and agility to be a big threat off the edge.  
  • 17

    Baltimore Ravens.png

    Cavin Pryor, S, Louisville

    Newsome will trust his board based on value and looking at the defensive secondary, there are a few weak spots that need to be addressed. Since losing Ed Reed, the Ravens S position has not been particularly stellar. They drafted Matt Elam in 2013 and he performed well but adding a guy like Pryor can add a dynamic duo at S for the Ravens. Their front 7 will always be able to get pressure, but having that S tandem helps in pass defense. Pryor is instinctive and aggressive and plays with confidence and has swagger. Can take some bad angles at times, but he definitely brings the lumber in run support. 
  • 18

    New York Jets.png

    Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

    The Jets offense was terrible last season scoring 25 offensive TD's. Adding a pass catching threat at TE will certainly be a focus for the Jets as they will develop their young QB to work with Mike Vick and learn the NFL. Ebron is the best TE in this draft and some have had him at around 9 or 10 to the Bills or Lions, but ultimately, their draft needs are a bit more important that the TE position. And the Jets simply cannot pass up the opportunity to grab a TE that they have not had in a couple of years. 
  • 19

    Miami Dolphins.png

    Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame

    With Jonathan Martin gone, the Dolphins have Jason Fox on the roster slotted to start, but he is not starting material. That also meant the Dolphins had to go out and grab a LT, Brandon Albert. Tannehill was sacked a LOT last season and I think that he would like to reduce that by a little bit this year. The Dolphins need to put last season behind them and clearly be out front in replacing their RT and building Martin to take over if Albert is not what he is expected to be. But to have two pass blocking OT's for a team that allowed the most QB sacks of any, should give Tannehill confidence moving forward in the passing game. 
  • 20

    Arizona Cardinals.png

    Louis Nix, NT, Notre Dame

    The Cardinals have Dan Williams plaing the NT position, but his ideal spot would be as a 5T. He is a bit undersized for the nose and adding Nix who is the perfect size for the nose would ideally make the Cardinals pass rush more effective. Dockett just has not been himself since he last signed a contract and the Cardinals are not happy and could look for a replacement for him. Nix would be the ideal NT for the Cardinals in their attacking defense and their secondary being what it is. Nix will take on double team and allow their OLB's to get a good pass rush. Having Williams move to the true 5T would be more beneficial for the Cardinals pass rush. 
  • 21

    Green Bay Packers.png

    Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State

    A.J. Hawk is getting worn down and the Packers may look to replacing him or giving him someone that is talented to play next to him. Brad Jones is not a quality starter, but solid rotational guy. Shazier is a spark for a defense and can be that leader on the field. Can play side to side and even though he played OLB at Ohio State, he can easily conform to ILB for a 3-4. 
  • 22

    Philadelphia Eagles.png

    Odell Beckham, WR, LSU

    The Eagles have a few areas of concern that need to be addressed, but they have sqaundered the services of DeSean Jackson to the Redskins and Jeremy Maclin is coming off injury. Jason Avant has left the building for Carolina. Kelly will need a few WR's to throw to if he wants to keep running an up tempo offense. Beckham is a tough WR with elusive speed. Catches just about anything that is thrown to him and will be a great target for Nick Foles. 
  • 23

    Kansas City.png

    Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

    I dont know how much longer the Chiefs can go without adding a solid #2 next to Dwayne Bowe. While the offense goes as Jamaal Charles goes, Alex Smith still needs comptent WR's that can catch the ball. Latimer lit up his pro day running a 4.44 40 and his video tapes have shown that he is a playmaker on the field. I think that he could sneak into the first round as early as the Chiefs being that the Chiefs have no one else to go along with Bowe. They need a true #2 WR. 
  • 24

    Cininnati Bengals.png

    Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State

    Leon Hall was injured and put on the IR last season and Terence Newman and Adam Jones were suitable to hold down the fort. But they are not quality starters and the Bengals would be apt to signing a top flight corner to go alongside Hall. Dennard is the best man press corner from the best defense in college football. The Bengals will need to bolster the CB position to make those play off runs count and not lose in the first round. 
  • 25

    San Diego Chargers.png

    Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

    If it is one area the Chargers are in need of help its CB, but WR is also a functional need. Keenan Allen was a great pick up, but adding a true slot WR or potential outside guy like Cooks would really help the offense move in the right direction. Rivers will need to have more weapons to offset the juggernaut that is Denver in the AFC West. Cooks is the ideal WR for that role. With over 100 reception and nearly 1700 yards receiving, Cooks is the right man for the Chargers here. 
  • 26

    Cleveland Browns.png

    Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA

    This pick is from trading Trent Richardson to the Colts. I feel the Browns got the better end of the deal here, as they land that OG they need to protect their new franchise QB. At RG the Browns have Jason Pinkston slotted in, a former 5th round pick, but probably not ideal for what the Browns are going to do on offense. Adding the top OG in the draft will certainly give protection for their new QB and potentially open up holes for Ben Tate. Su'a-FIlo will need to strengthen up before the season starts as he lacks ideal strength, but that is not a deal breaker. 
  • 27

    New Orleans Saints.png

    Dee Ford, OLB, Auburn

    Parys Haralson just signed a 1 year deal, but was awful on his last contract. Saints really need to add more to their pass rush and grabbing Dee Ford here would certainly be a huge upgrade. Ford had 10.5 sacks last season and really helped the Aubrun defense get to the national championship game among others. But Ford is strong and quick for his size and can get into a backfield quickly to be disruptive. He will need to work on his coverage ability, but Ford would become a respectable pass rusher for the Saints in which teams will have to recognize where he is on the field at all times. 
  • 28

    Carolina Panthers.png

    Marqise Lee, WR, USC

    The Panthers are in need of 3 key positions and they need to fill them within the draft. WR, CB, and OT. Well here is a WR for Cam. He will be the #1 going into camp and push Avant to the Y receiver. Lee had a bad season but due to poor QB play, not anything that he did. Once he has the ball in his hands, he can gain the YAC really quickly and before you know it be gone. He runs good routes and is deceptively fast. Will need to work on his cuts in and out of breaks, but most WR's need to do that out of college anyway. 
  • 29

    New England Patriots.png

    Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota

    Instincts and prior drafts would tell you that the Patriots will trade out of this pick, but at this moment, they have 2 DT's that are either discontent or a just not good. Wilfork was dead set on holding the Patriots hostage and Tommy Kelly is just garbage. Hageman is a nasty DT that when he wants to get in and make a play he is difficult to stop. Getting rid of Tommy Kelly would be a blessing in disguise if Hageman is on the board considering that Tommy Kelly is just not that good anyway. 
  • 30

    San Francisco 49ers.png

    Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

    I think that the Niners could go in a few ways with thier first pick. They have enough picks to package and move up if there is someone there they like, but at this point, Kyle Fuller addresses a huge need and  will give them the best available corner that can play at a high level. Just ask Alabama. Fuller did miss a part of the season last year but he made up for it by having a great combine. He has size and speed and is physical to play man press and run with WR's if beat. His verstatility will certainly be welcomed for a swarming defense that like pressure in every facet. Playing LB, CB, and S in college gives him a unique skill set of tackling and coverage to be a very productive defensive back.
  • 31

    Denver Broncos.png

    C.J. Mosely, LB, Alabama

    While the Broncos loaded up in free agency to win now, they certainly have a few areas to address in the draft. The ILB position is a big question mark and if Mosley is still on the board when Denver picks, they have to grab a guy with his talent to lead the defense into a new era. Manning will not be in Denver for long and the time to win is now. Mosely can give you that playmaker ability at the Mike and be a run stopping machine. Broncos will not be disappointed in going this route. 
  • 32

    Seattle Seahawks.png

    Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

    Percy Harvin played one game and got his ring. And while the Seahawks lost Golden Tate to Detroit, they will need more production at the WR position. Rice is fragile, Kearse gets lost and Harvin may or may not be healthy. Adding a receiving option like Benjamin with his height and hands will really keep the offense going for Russell Wilson and sould take a lot of pressure off of the run game. Benjamin was a big part of the Noles offense leading up to the National Championship game. He needs to polish his route running and work on using his body to shield defenders, but those things are correctable.


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