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NFL Mock Draft Database

Walter Football

​​An acquaintance of mine, Walter is knowledgeable on just about every aspect of football. I have used his insight a lot when it comes to making decisions about a player and his staff are some of the best at scouting.   

Hail Redskins

Hail Redskins is unique in that the site is dedicated to the Washington Redskins but they host a vast mock database including personal, professional, and hobbyists that like to do mock drafts on a consistent and not so consistent basis. But they tend to have over 200 mock drafts and are especially concerned not only with a mock draft posted, but with whom the Redskins have selecting within the mock draft. 

NFL's Future

NFL's Future is solely about the future of the game and reporting the news but they do put up a mock draft.  Take a look for your favorite team and read about the reasons behind the pick by the team of bloggers that write for this site.  Won't be disappointed. 


NFL Mocks is a Fan-Sided Blogs network site dedicated solely to the NFL Draft. With our network having a site for all 32 NFL teams, we felt that a full-fledged NFL Draft site — not just a mock database, or a blog — would be a great epicenter for our network during the time of the draft, and really year round. We are excited to join the already terrific NFL Draft website community, and hope that we can add to that community in our own unique way.

Football Fan Spot

​​A football site about football for football fans by a football fan. 

NFL Draft Room

​​Very intuitive site, mainly used as a Blog but includes 2014 and 2015 NFL Mock Drafts.  Take a look if you get the chance.  

Draft King

Lou Pickney has good insight and good write ups on why each player was picked by each team. A good sight for opposing opinions. 

Draft Season: Lomas

​​Primarily a Vikings news and draft related site, they do include 4 posters that do a current mock draft. 

Sports GiF

Welcome to  .GIF’s are the hottest new concept in sports media.  Pics and videos are old school in the sports world.  .GIFs are both funny, entertaining and will soon be taking over sports and new media.  We strive to provide the best sports GIFs for your viewing pleasure!


A sports blog with a mock draft of the first round. 

National Fanatic

This is a fairly NEW blog about NFL football / NFL News, Opinion and Comment (more specifically, San Diego Chargers Football). It’s TWO YEARS OLD NOW (well, it started this in April, 2012)…

NFL Draft Days

NFL Draft Days is a year round site dedicated to the NFL Draft. With Big Boards, draft trivia and mock drafts, you're sure to find a plethora of information about the draft. Give em a shot. 

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